Are You An Athlete, Performer Or CrossFitter That’s Struggling With Unbearable Knee Pain And Desperate For It To End?

Over my many years of treating knee pain in New York City, I have found that many athletes, dancers and gym goers fear the worst when it comes to knee pain. T first thought is damage to their ACL which can really threaten their ability to do what they love at the highest level.

But that is not always the case!

More often than not knee pain is something that can be treated with physical therapy when it’s specifically personalized to the individual, and help them avoid reliance on painkillers and injections, and keep them away from surgery!

That is what my expert team and I have spent our years perfecting, so you can get back into the game, in the gym, and on stage as quickly as possible.

What Causes Knee Pain, and Why Is It So Common?

Knee pain is often encountered after sports or fitness activities that naturally put stress on the knee due to the movements involved.

There are several movements that can be more likely to cause knee pain including: suddenly slowing down or stopping, sudden changes of direction, pivoting on your standing foot, landing awkwardly from a jump and receiving a direct blow or collision to the knee.

All of these movements are common for my patients who love to play sports, perform in shows, regularly take on obstacles courses and lift weights in the gym.

That is where I, the leading knee pain expert in NYC, can help you!

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Cure Your knee Before?

You probably haven’t been able to to fully cure you knee pain in the past, because your doctor has probably just told you to go home, rest it and take some painkillers.

Or you’ve tried to do stretches and exercise you found online which didn’t work.

Or you’ve had massages, but any relief was short-term and quickly returned when you pushed yourself hard again.

All of these approaches fail to address the true cause of your knee pain, so it keeps coming back (and getting worse).

By finding the root cause of your knee pain and getting your leg working as a unit you will be back doing what you love in no time.

How Can You Treat Knee Pain Without Pills Or Surgery?

Nobody wants to go through surgery, and not only face a long recovery, but also risk complications that may arise during the procedure, or during rehabilitation afterwards.

And masking the pain with pills and injections is something people also want to avoid because of the nasty side effects, addiction risks, and long-term health damage regular use can lead to.

Physical therapy is a much safer, natural, and proven treatment for knee pain and injuries that also provides fast relief when you need it most.

At my New York clinic, we can also go beyond simply relieving your pain quickly. We can also give you long-term relief, so you don’t have to keep battling knee problems your entire life and can improve at your sport, in your career, or simply enjoy your workouts without worrying about pain returning.

How Can You Find Out More About Working With Knee Pain Expert Mark Lusk?

If you want to finally put an end to your knee pain, I appreciate that you may be nervous or unsure about starting something you’ve not tried before.

To help you find out more, you can download a copy of my free special report on how to recover from sports injuries quickly and naturally!

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You can also get our expert opinion on why your knee pain won’t go away, as well as discover the best treatment options available to you.

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Pick whichever option feels right to you.

The most important thing is that you do something – because if you keep waiting, keep hoping it’ll fix itself, it’s likely to get worse.

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