Mark Lusk is the leading sports injury expert in New York City, and has helped thousands of athletes, weekend warriors, and performers overcome sports injuries quickly and without the need for surgery.

But who is Mark, and what makes him different from all the doctors you’ve seen before that have told you to numb the pain with pills, to slow down, or that you’ll have to have injections and surgery?

Who Is Mark Lusk, And Why Does Everyone Want To See Them?

My name is Mark, and I am the founder of MVMT Physical Therapy – New York City’s leading sports injury specialist.

Over the past few years in my clinic, I have worked with thousands of athletes, dancers, and avid gym goers from all over the city who have sought my expertise in helping them with their injuries.

I understand that you don’t want to be out of action for a prolonged period of time, and you definitely don’t want to find yourself on the surgeon’s table!

But that’s exactly where doctors have wanted to put you before!

Here at MVMT Physical Therapy, we focus on working with you to quickly relieve pain, and build strength and mobility in your whole body so that you can push much harder than before without getting sore and stiff.

What Is Mark Lusk’s Life Like Away From Being New York City’s Leading Sports Injury Expert

Outside of my clinic, I am still very active even though I have been retired from dancing for a number of years.

I am massively into CrossFit and it feels like it has given me a new lease of life over the last seven years.

So I really do understand what my patients are going through when it comes to their sports injuries, and how being in pain can ruin your workouts, or stop you exercising entirely.

What really surprises people though, it’s just how much I love to knit – but we can keep that between just us.

Mark Lusk’s Elite Level Experience Treating Sports injuries, Knee pain, And shoulder pain

I’ve pushed my body to its limits daily when I was a professional dancer, so I know exactly what you need to be performing at your best.

And over the past few years, I have become the go-to sports injury expert in New York City due to my reputation for providing fast, natural, and long-lasting relief from a variety of sports injuries.

And in my clinic, I have helped lots of urban athletes who work in the City recover from injuries, and get back to working out hard and hitting new personal bests!

I have also been specially selected and worked with on over 60 Broadway shows keeping the cast members and production crews fit and healthy during the run of their shows.

Can Mark Lusk Help You With Your Sports Injury, Knee Pain, Or Shoulder Pain

I specialize in helping active people get fast and natural relief from sports injuries that they may have obtained through the gym, their work, or their sports.

Whether you are just starting your athletic or performing journey at a young age, you’re at the peak of your career, or you’re enjoying tough workouts and sports for the fun of it, I can keep you doing what you love and performing at your best.

From minor tweaks and strains to major injuries that are hampering you, I am here to help you get back to your best shape and avoid lengthy period where you’re out of action.

Why Does Mark Lusk Specialize In Sports Injury Sufferers?

If you’ve suffered a massive injury, I completely understand how worried, upset and frustrated you are.

I have personal experience with a horrendous sports injury – an ACL rupture that left me devastated and thinking my professional dancing career was over before it had even started.

It happened right as I was about leave college, but due to the amazing physical therapy I received before my surgery, and the incredible aftercare and rehab, I was able to recover in a surprisingly quick timeframe and meant I wasn’t suffering for longer than I needed to.

And that’s why my clinic specializes in helping very active people such as athletes, performers and dancers, as well as the office workers of the City who work out hard in the gym.

Because I understand how much of an impact aches, pains and sports injuries can have on your life.

What Makes Mark Lusk Different?

I know that you feel let down by other physical therapists who’ve handed you a sheet of exercises and left you on your own to do them without any real guidance or support.

And often they are so rushed that they don’t really listen to you, and fail to fully assess you to identify the root cause of your pain.

Other things you’ve tried in the past – chiropractors, massage therapists, and stretching routines you’ve found online – also didn’t give you the long term relief that you are desperate for.

That is the total opposite of how my expert team and I work with our patients.

As the leading sports injury expert in New York City, I have built my reputation and experience on identifying EXACTLY why you’ve got pain, and providing a personalized treatment plan that delivers quick, natural and long-lasting pain relief.

This means you can get back to CrossFit and running, back on stage and into rehearsals, and back to playing sports with your buddies.

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