Mark Lusk is the leading sports injury expert in New York City, and is well known due to his extensive knowledge and track record when it comes to delivering natural and fast recoveries for sports injuries such as knee injuries and rotator cuff injuries.

Mark is trusted by high-performing athletes, professional performers and many urban athletes in New York City!

Resident Therapist On Over 60 Broadway Shows

Mark has been specially selected by over 60 Broadway as their resident therapist who has helped members of the cast and production crew stay injury-free, mobile and moving freely during the run of their packed out shows!

Author Of Several Popular Expert Reports

To help people who are struggling with back pain, knee pain, and sports injuries, Mark has written several special reports packed with proven, natural pain relief strategies including Pain In The Neck.

All of the expert reports are designed for people who are desperate for answers, struggling to live the life they want, and worried about their pain getting in the way of their sports, hobbies, and careers.

Trusted Educator Of Fellow Therapists

Over the last seven years, Mark has become renowned for his Institute of Physical Art class that he teaches fellow therapists around the US all about manual therapy treatments and full body training and reintegration.

This has resulted in many people outside of New York City benefitting from Mark’s expertise through the professionals he has taught.

Trusted Referral Partner Of Many Top NYC Trainers

Mark is a trusted referral partner of several top NYC personal trainers due to his knowledge and expertise and his ability to get their clients back into the gym in record time.

And these trainers know exactly how good Mark is because they’re past clients of his!

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To help you discover safe, proven and natural ways to overcome Sports Injuries and return to an active life filled with the things you love to do, you can download my free expert report – MVMT THE BACK PAIN FIX.

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